Restore luxurious luster to your damaged hair


Strengthen dry, color-treated hair


Prevent damage from heat styling and outside elements


Fortify & Rejuvenate any hair type

Professional Hair Care Products to Create Healthy Hair

Carlucci International Professional Hair Care Products were designed to meet the needs of your hair. Providing moisture to dry, damaged hair and stimulating hair growth by treating the hair and scalp simultaneously, the Carlucci International brand of hair care products satisfies the desires of our customers through:

All In One Solutions

Our professional kits allow you to address your hair’s specific needs while providing you with the essential nutrients to repair and strengthen your processed hair.

Hair Care Basics

We’ve stripped away all the unnecessary additives and provided a product that’s actually good for your hair.

Organic Hair Care

Our products are organic, cruelty, and sulfate free. We strive to provide only the best products while considering our environmental impact.

Why choose Carlucci International?

The Carlucci International family of premium hair care products meets the needs of your unique hair needs. We began with a simple and natural infusion of ingredients and expertly blended it with vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth, restoration, and fortification.

Our customers love the results they see from using our products. From combating the effects of hard water, coloring, bleaching, and heat-styling your hair, our professional salon products will make your hair more manageable and healthier with every use. Try our products for yourself and see what everyone is raving about!

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Make Hair Stronger

Fortify Hair Care System


Restore Health

Rejuvinate Hair Care System


Prevent Damage

Dazzle Hair Oil